Phenomenon of bioelectrical healing

topic posted Thu, January 15, 2004 - 4:40 PM by  Michael
I came into contact with bioelectrical healing some time ago and was intrigued what effect treatments had. As a natural sceptic, I always wondered how this could work. Mainy one I find particularly interesting:

How can a machine, connected to your wrists and ankles, measure what illnesses and where you have them - with an astounding accuracy? I am especially keen to understand the physical phenomena involved.
Do organs or even parts of organs have their own frequency, which such a system can 'tune' to?
How was the 'natural' osciallation of an organ defined? Do the same organs of different humans have the same 'base' osciallation?

Lots of questions, I know. Can anyone shed some light?
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  • Michael:

    Are you familiar with accupuncture? Energy flows through the body along channels called meridians. The various meridians correspond to types of energy associated with certain organs or organ system, ie. heart, lungs, large intestines, etc. These meridians have end points on the fingers and toes. A German scientist, Voll, developed a method of measuring the electral conductance at the "ting" points on fingers and toes (as well as other points along the meridian lines on the surface of the body). Normal values were established for these meridians and deviation from the norm signals a possible problem with the organ system. This method of diagnosis is called Electro-accupuncture according to Voll or EAV.
    Some systems use electrical leads or a stylus to measure these meridian values as part of their diagnostic system.

    The next question is, if you have a compromised meridian (abnormal electral conductance reading), how do you know what is causing the problem? We begin with the assumption that all pathogens have a unique electromagnetic signature. Thus, a bacteria which causes a skin infection would have a specific electromagnetic pattern. The virus which causes flu would have an entirely different pattern. All substances have electromagnetic signatures. Mercury and iron would each have a distinctive pattern.

    One method that has been used is to diagnosis what is causing an illness is to transmit the INVERSE of the electromagnetic signature of a variety of pathogens to the body one at a time. Basicly, if the pathogen is present in the body, the inverted signature momentarily cancels out the pathogen's signature and the meridian reading returns to normal. If the pathogen is not present in the body, there is no change in the meridian reading. That way you can tell if a particular substance or organism is present in the body and effecting the meridian. Treatment can include longer application of the inverse electromagnetic signature along with other modalities such as supplements, changes in diet, etc.

    Now, do organs have their own frequency? Yes, absolutely they do. Healthy organs such as the liver produce distinctive electromagnetic fields. When there is something wrong with an organ, this basic electomagnetic field is degraded. Interference patterns from pathogens can interfer with the basic pattern, etc.

    How are these patterns defined? Years of clinical experience and measurements have resulted in recognition of these patterns (electromagnetic oscillations), just as normal values have been established for blood pressure. There is, of course, individual variation around a basic pattern. Because these basic patterns are very complex, they can't be represented well as a sine wave, but frequency ranges have been established for all major organ systems.

    Most of this research has been done in Europe, especially in Germany. You may want to look at for a device that uses these principles and for references to the research. (click the british flag for the English version).

    Got other questions?

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