topic posted Sat, January 21, 2006 - 7:26 PM by  Charlie Ross
We have a claim aganst one of the users of these QXCI machines in the Civil Claims at Warrnambool n 01/02/06

These machines are not scientifically or medically proven

The medical practitioners I spoke to about it said it was no more than mumbo jumbo and in my opinin, is no more than a scam to take money from desperate people

The person we saw gave no receipt or report and told us nothing after the so called treatment

We were told to come back and have another 7 sessions at $90 to get an idea what is wrong with our darling son.

After weeks we managed to get some rubbish in writing that our son was seriously sick !!!!!!!!!!!!! we were shocked and worried, so ran around seeing professional doctors and having extensive tests including CT Scans to be told there was nothing wrong with our son.

What we were told by the so called QXCI report that was hand written was that he had pancreas and other problems, but all expensive blood tests etc ruled out what we were told.

These people encourage you to have at least 8 sessions so i have found out, and even tho nothing is wrong with you, you are convinced you feel better.

If you return to 8 sessions and am told you are getting better, then the mind strong as it is, will take over.

I was told by one of the emplyees there that a man was cured of a skin desease after 2 sessions !!!!

This is world stage stuff, so why isnt it up there ??

In their promos they have a DOG !!! being checked !!!..I was thinking of taking my poor sick cactus plant in and maybe they can help it !


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Charlie Ross
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    Re: QXCI

    Mon, January 30, 2006 - 1:19 AM
    While I believe that bioelectric tech can actually help people tremendously, I also think that the QXCI people are part of a scam. Here's why....

    1) They make extraordinary claims and offer no evidence.
    2) They have changed the name of their company and the name of their product several times over the last few years.
    3) Their owner/creator claims to have moved away from the USA to "avoid persecution."
    4) I read a report from someone who took a look inside the software and the hardware, who said that he doesn't think it really does anything at all.
    5) Another person told me you could manufacture one of these gizmos for a couple of hundred bucks. The pricetag for their machine is something like $18,000.
    6) They claim to be able to "scan" the body not only for disease, but also parasites, cancers, emotional issues, psychological issues, etc. While I think you *might* be able to invent say 50 or 100 different devices to "scan" for all the things they claim, I strongly suspect that no one device could "scan" for the plethora of ailments they claim.
    7) I have read as many sites and articles debunking their device as claiming it works.

    Now, any ONE of these seven things I might dismiss as hearsay or poor reporting...but add them all together.... I find the odds of this thing being for real to be incredibly remote.
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      Fri, February 3, 2006 - 1:34 AM
      For what it is worth, I purchased a used QXCI because a good friend of mine who is a retired chiropractor has one and has had some amazing "coincidences" in regards to healing. I "only" paid $6000 for it- believe me- I want it to work, but I also want to get some definitive proof that it works. My wife is a nurse and she is very skeptical of everything. She has a bad back and I periodically have been working on her back to no noticable result.

      Let me preface everything. I am just learning how to use this thing- the computer program is huge! and there are a lot of different directions to go when working on someone. So, I don't feel I have a great feel for this program yet. Now that said, one of the people (who is my victim) is a guy who has a really bad case of psorisis and morgellan's disease. He lives 30 miles from me, yet just like clock work, he calls me the day after I run him on the computer and he says " you worked on my at 3pm yesterday- didn't you? I could feel it" . I cannot explain this. Maybe he is just guessing, but so far he has been pretty accurate on calling me on it.

      But he is the only person (I am only working on 3 people so far) who has felt anything. Now, talking to practitioners, everyone of them seems to be convinced this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't feel they are trying to scam anyone- they seem really sold about the ability of the program.

      My friend says he has a 85% success rate. So far I am just in the let's see stage. I know one thing for sure, if this thing works it is an amazing device. But so far I am not conviced- but I am still playing with it to really see for myself.

      As I learn more, I will post my results
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        Mon, March 27, 2006 - 8:10 AM
        OK..... I am still using the QX device and for what it is worth, 2 people who I have worked on say they feel changes. I bought the QX to use on my wife's bad lower back. So far, no results.

        Now, for what it is worth, I talked to one of the main trainers on this QX device and she told me that long term chronic back problems usually take quite a while on the QX. However, she told me about an amazing device that she convinced me to buy. This thing is called a Scenar. Just recently on Coast to Coast AM, there was a guy on talking about it (and other things too). Allow me to elaborate- this was quite an adventure

        This QX trainer told me the Scenar is a device she never goes anywhere without. It is the size of a tv remote control and uses frequencies to work on sore spots and to repair damaged tissues. She suggested I use specifically the Acuscen brand Scenar. There are others out there that are good too, but apparently everyone recommends to stay away from the ones on Ebay for $500. I read quite a bit about it on the internet and ended up calling several people listed in testimonials to get their personal (private) opinions. Without a doubt- EVERYONE said this device was the greatest thing since sliced bread. So, I figured what the heck, I comes with a 30 day money back warranty, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I called Dr Irena @ Mediscen and she convinced me I didn't need to buy the most expensive one there( she determined for my needs the entry line model was plenty for me) - it ended up that I purchased the "non-professional" model and 2 attachments for $2200. Yeow! This thing better be good!

        It showed up and I was underwhelmed with the instructions that came with it. Basically, the very small instruction manual tells you to use it on painful areas. Apparently the device is from Russia, and in the process of translating the info into english, the instructions leave quite a bit to be desired. So, I instigated an internet search for more info on how to use it. Again, very little info is available.

        Rather pissed off, I reluctantly decided to take a class offered by Dr Irena regard the use of the device. I figured that after laying down $2200, I thought it was a further rip off to have to take a $500 class to learn how to use it. But I figured if I took the class within the 30 guarantee period, I could still get my money back if it was bs. Now, let me state here, that I contacted Dr Irena and I was pleasantly surprised the way she went very much out of her way to try to lessen my issues- I can give her great credit for this- but still basically, I felt that something was missing about understanding the use of the device.

        I signed up for the Gilroy, CA class that was 2 weekends ago. Wow! This thing is amazing! The class was definitely worth the money. I am actually thinking of taking another. Everyone in the class was either a practitioner or a layperson like myself who had the same issues as I. There were a lot of amazing stories about this device from everyone in the room. Not only did I learn the amazing aspects of this device, but I learned of 3 complimentary devices too.

        In a nutshell, regarding the Scenar- after I took the class and came home, I have become all my friends' best friend. In less than 10-15 minutes of use of this device most muscular and back pain lessens by at least 30%. No Sh*t! I basically have a little more than no clue how this thing really works, but everyone is now making it a point to stop by the house to say hi and see what the fuss is all about.

        I don't mean this to sound like a testimonial- it is not- like Joe Friday used to say "just the facts, Mam" (this shows my vintage). Take it for what it is worth- I very highly recommend you look into the Scenar- it will blow you away.

        Now..... if you don't mind, I'd like to talk about the other amazing devices I saw:

        1. The Solaris Healing Blanket- everyone there (except me) had one and highly recommended it.

        2. Q1000 Low Level Laser- Dr David Gwain explained how this laser compliments the Scenar- Quite a few people also had this laser, and they suggested that it vastly speeds up the healing offered by the Scenar. No one had anything negative at all to say about it- and it was highly recommended I do whatever it takes to save up the $ to buy this one too.

        3. Vo-cal 360- this thing is another amazing device. Apparently it is what they call a voice imprinter (I guess it somehow determines which emotional issues of yours are carried down through your DNA). Look...... I am not a typical woo- woo kind of guy. I have an open mind, yet I don't go around looking for the next esoteric healing device. Some people in Gilroy had this chair (look it up on the internet) and offered to let me have a free session on it. The sesson lasted for about 2hours and was SUPPOSED to help me work through any personality defect I wanted to work on. I told them what I wanted to work on and had a seat in the chair. Apparently the chair creates several rotating magnetic fields around you as you sit there. You are listening to a George Winston- like piano CD and you have sunglasses on that block the light from the room. Apparently on the inside of the glasses are white L.E.D.s' which flash onto your closed eyelids. What a trip! Somehow as the lights flash, you see a series of changing images on the inside of your eyelids- kind of reminds me of the good old days! Anyway for me the sensation was intense- no sh*t- I felt my heart chakra blow wide open and the sensation of LOVE (the kind of feeling that you feel when you first fall in love with someone and all you can do is think about them) was gushing out of my heart - well just magnify this sensation by 100 or 1000 and you would understand the feeling I was having. What a rush! And the amazing thing was the sensation lasted for over 36 hours! Who needs drugs, when you can do this to yourself, without all the fuss and muss of drugs??- just think of all the money you could save!

        In all honesty, they told me I was the first person (that they have heard of ) to have that experience- but they said that everyone who gets in the chair has a life changing experience.

        Overall, the weekend of that class was a mind-blower! I met some really nice people and learned about an amazing devices.

        Oh.... and one more thing..... Everyone who was in that class who had a QX (there were several of them) said the QX really works- and works very well. They didn't steer me wrong on the Scenar or the Vo-cal 360, so maybe there is something to the QX and I just need to spend some more time on it.

        Anyway, hope my mini novel here didn't bore any of you. I just thought I'd share some good news regarding Bioelectric Healing- It works!

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          Tue, March 28, 2006 - 9:35 PM
          strange stuff!

          um, i actually know these people via other friends. they are both well revered in my community, though i know niothing about their product.

          i looked up the device as i didn't know what y'all were talking about and there they were! i am connected to them through in-laws and i will definately inquire more. i don't like scams, expecially healing scams. i'm not gonna mention where i found this info however. but i sure am curious and want to get to the root of this thing-- strange indeed!

          this is the link i found that gave the low-down:
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            Wed, March 29, 2006 - 7:19 AM
            Send my regards to them- and good luck on their driveway! For grins, have them run you on the chair-its a mind blower. I guess they are in the process of buying another chair from the same manufacturer in Utah. They gave me the basic skinny on the new chair and apparently it is found to have great long lasting effects with A.D.D.

            This stuff is a trip. Somehow, I am going to figure out how to scrape up enough money to buy the laser. When I do, I think I will cancel my extremely high priced medical insurance (>$1000/mo for my wife and I) and get a Health Savings Account. I wonder why I pay the highly inflated health insurance costs- since if I ever got sick, I would probably use technologies which wouldn't be covered by the insurance anyway. So,, in my case- catastrophic insurance is probably the better way to go. The insurance companies are driving people to find other technologies for their healing care. I think there will be a big move away from drugs and allopathic medicine because of the extremely high prices and reduced levels of healing.

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              Mon, July 10, 2006 - 8:26 PM
              EPFX/SCIO is I believe the next generation of the QXCI

              I've got some friends with one of these EPFX/SCIO machines. They run a health clinic where she is a Chinese Medicine NMD, and he is a cult deprogammer/hypnotherapist.

              I understood the principles behind the claims of the machine, however I had some reservations about the capability. After receiving many free treatments and having had friends go on the machine, I can say there is something definately to these things.

              On two friends, the machine knew exactly the illnesses they were suffering from. It told the one friend that he had a particular tooth problem, and which tooth it was. Directly before he had been on the machine, he had just arrived from a dental appointment and that exact tooth had just been worked on. On my other friend, the machine picked out a particular skin parasite and viral infection he had just been diagnosed with. As well it knew that he had done LSD in the last 10 days and having smoked a little pot earlier that day.

              Personally, my experiences have been just as interesting. It's like all those little things that you know about your body but don't want to admit, are presented to you. No hiding from yourself in other words.
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      Sat, September 4, 2010 - 8:25 AM
      I'm a software engineer and would like to obtain the QXCI software for evaluation without the hardware. Do you know how I can get a copy of it?
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    Thu, August 3, 2006 - 9:48 PM
    I had a session with a QXCI a couple of weeks ago.
    Without me telling the operator, it nailed a lot of my sensitivities
    and those of my co-journeyers.
    It was a fascinating, insightful and fun experience @ $65/hr.

    As to the healing after the diagnostic scan, I can not say as when
    I returned from my travels I seemed to have picked up a virus that
    has been laying me low.

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